Publication # 1

Drawing a balance at the programme's halfway mark

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Kascha Lemke

Bauhaus Agents Publication # 1
"A museum is more than its exhibitions"

Eds.: Silke Feldhoff / Karin Kolb. Bauhaus Agents Programme / Bauhaus Kooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar gGmbH
160 pages, German / English
ISBN: 978-3-00-060522-2 


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Participation in exhibition design, drawing as an instrument of museum outreach, an elementary school of design, pupils as experts for discovery tours – in the first part of the publication the Bauhaus Agents discuss various approaches to the Bauhaus and to the new Bauhaus museums, to spaces of cooperation between school and museum, and not least to the strategy of the third location, that is, to positioning the Bauhaus in the city and in urban society.

The second part of the publication, issued in German and English, brings inspiring contributions from current cultural practice to bear on one of the programme's most important questions: "How can museums become open, lively and visitor-oriented places?" At the same time, contributions by experts in museums and educational and outreach work like Grit Weber (Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main), Mustafa Akça (project "Selam Opera!", Komische Oper Berlin) and Ulrike Lorenz (Kunsthalle Mannheim) document the Annual Conference #1 of the Bauhaus Agents, which took place in the Bauhaus Archive / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin in October 2017.

With contributions from: 
Part 1: "Unterwegs. Konzept und Projekte der Bauhaus Agenten / En route. Concepts and Projects of the Bauhaus Agents" – Anja Edelmann, Maxie Götze, Friederike Holländer, Tabea Kießling, Anne Schneider, Johannes Siebler, Philline Sollmann, Valerie Stephanie, Silke Wallstein, and the programme coordinator, Silke Feldhoff

Part 2: "Museen stellen sich neu auf. Impulse aus der aktuellen kulturellen Praxis / Museums Repositioning Themselves. Impulses from Current Cultural Practice" – Mustafa Akça, Jonas Fansa, Carina Herring, Ulrike Lorenz / Dorothea Höfert, Foundation Freizeit, Grit Weber and Veronika Wiegartz.

Kascha Lemke
Kascha Lemke
Kascha Lemke
Kascha Lemke
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