New Methods of Outreach

Wie wollen wir leben: Zukunftsvisionen vom Lernen und Wohnen.
Cathrin Schmidt

Training Programme for Museums

How can the museums become more open to new target groups? How can children and young people access the history of the Bauhaus? What can the Bauhaus teach them today, and what are they still willing to learn? In order to develop and test outreach formats, design ideas and educational content together with pupils, the Bauhaus Agents Programme has established cooperations with up to 32 partner schools that will maintained over several years. The Bauhaus thereby becomes teaching material at the schools – and not only in workshops, excursions or project weeks. The pupils of the partner schools become experts in museum outreach themselves: How, and by using what means can the history of the Bauhaus be conveyed in an exciting way? How should exhibitions and museum programmes be designed to keep the Bauhaus an inspiration today? In exchange with the partner schools, various concepts emerge – for guided tours, workshops, experimental spaces and places of communication in exhibitions, the urban space and the digital sphere.

Working at the Interface

The Bauhaus Agents work as mediators between the Bauhaus institutions and their partner schools and cooperate with artists, curators, designers, architects, and other experts. They introduce aspects of their own artistic and design activities and of cultural education work. In Dessau, four Bauhaus Agents are currently working with 14 partner schools; in Weimar, three Bauhaus Agents are active at 10 partner schools. In Berlin, two Bauhaus Agents are developing outreach formats together with 8 partner schools. Each of the agents is closely involved with the work of the Bauhaus institutions, and formats are already being tested for the new museums in the current exhibition programme. The process is accompanied by a regular exchange of experiences and joint reflection at school network meetings and the annual Bauhaus Agents conferences.

Experiment and Model for the Museum of the Future

The Bauhaus Agents Programme holds a unique place on the German museum scene. Alreday during the conception phase, outreach is  incorporated into the museum and exhibition design. This lends the Bauhaus Agents a model character with an inspiring nationwide and international impact: besides teaching content focusing on the Bauhaus, innovative outreach formats, and pioneering forms of collaboration between museums and schools, the Bauhaus Agents Programme also develops structures and processes to interlock outreach work and visitor-orientation with every field of museum work. Following the programme, the insights gained will be made available to other institutions as models and prototypes.

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