How We Work


The Bauhaus Agents have been involved in the conception of the new museums from the very beginning. Their work covers all areas from museum design to information systems and proposals for museum outreach. In Berlin, Dessau and Weimar they are testing concrete formats that will flow directly into the museum work – to convey the Bauhaus in a critical, vitalizing, sensual and enjoyable way.

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Our Team

We conduct research, tinker, experiment; we see ourselves as providing inspiration and ideas, initiating and realizing projects: with the schools, with the museums, and with numerous artists, curators, designers, architects, and other experts. We contribute to the design of our new Bauhaus museums: to the development of their programmes, their public image and their proposals for outreach activities. To make them into open, lively and visitor-oriented places with inspiring offers – in both content and method – for all those who are already interested in the Bauhaus, or others who are just beginning to discover the Bauhaus.

Partner Schools 

Cooperation with our partner schools is an important component of the Bauhaus Agents Programme. The Bauhaus Agents are developing new approaches to outreach and museum design in workshops and projects together with the pupils and teachers of more than 30 schools in the Bauhaus Agents network.


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