Bauhaus as Inspiration


How can the new Bauhaus museums evolve into open, lively, visitor-oriented places? How can the museums develop a presence in urban space and create an impact on urban society? What can the Bauhaus teach us today, and are we still prepared to learn from it? What approaches to the Bauhaus are exciting and inspiring here and now? 

Critical questions need to be raised about the institution of the museum, approaches to outreach, and even the Bauhaus itself – this is the work of the Bauhaus Agents. Previously marginalized aspects of the reception of the Bauhaus and the focus of the museums are being addressed. Key inspirations are an experimental, material-based way of working and learning at the Bauhaus, especially the individual approach.    

The Bauhaus Agents Programme began in the school year 2016 / 17 and will end in 2019 / 20. For four years, nine Bauhaus agents – together with a current total of 32 partner schools and the three Bauhaus institutions in Berlin, Dessau and Weimar – are developing and testing new collaborative formats. These relate to the design of the new Bauhaus museums and their programme development, as well as to concrete proposals and media for museum education and outreach.

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